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The Happy Music Project are a group of conservatoire-trained musicians who all aim to make live music & music education accessible to those who need it most. 

Set up and led by our Director, Ellie Daft, The Happy Music Project's ethos centres around the positive impact that music has on our mental health and wellbeing. We tailor the musical experience specifically to our participants to ensure that everyone can really get the most of their musical experience with us. Our work so far has included adapted and immersive concerts to informal, interactive music-making, exploring creativity through music-based workshops or even bringing performances to the general public - this ensures that our music truly is accessible to all. 


So far we have taken The Happy Music Project to lots of different people; including those receiving psychiatric inpatient treatment, care home residents and  we are providing instrumental lessons to people making their transition from inpatient to community care. Our work also includes a lot of performance based events and busking-style gigs to help raise money so that we can continue providing our sessions and hopefully reach even more people!



Our Funding

As a nonprofit organisation, we rely solely off of funding and generous donations to ensure that we can continue making music accessible. If you would like to donate, please click the button below.

As a way to help raise funds to ensure that we can continue our work, we are selling Happy Music Project sunflower stickers. If you would like to purchase a sticker please contact is through the button below.

We also are on the lookout for instrument donations. This is so that we can continue to take music to the people and places who need it most. If you think you have an instrument that could go to a new home please contact us. 

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